How identifying a "keystone" goal can help you achieve more

While there might be loads of goals you want to achieve, trying to do them all at once usually

leads to achieving nothing. You need to be able to give time and effort to your goals and really focus on just one at a time, but how can you identify which goal is the most important and the one that might even help you to achieve the others eventually?

First of all, you could ask someone else’s opinion; for example, if it’s business goals you’re

looking at, then you could ask your boss or your mentor which goal they think matters the most to the company. If you have your own business, then you should have some large goals and projections, so if you’re looking to grow your business in the next five years, then your most important goal for this year is to work towards that. That means breaking it down and deciding on a smaller goal for just one year.

You should then create yourself a timeline with all of the goals you want to achieve and when

you want to do each one by. This will help you to determine which needs completing first and

how each can help you achieve the next.

This way, you can identify a “keystone” goal, which is the one that will make everything else

easier to achieve. For example, a keystone goal will keep you focussed on the overall vision; it will also remind you and others of the other goals and how to get there.




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