How to learn something quickly

Running a business means learning new skills. If you want to hack your way to success, then you need to be able to absorb skills and information all the quicker. Here are ways to hijack the learning process and boost your way to success.

Define your aims If your goals aren’t clear, then how you get there won’t be clear, either. Breaking down your steps to learning a new skill can help make it much more achievable. Plus, you get a boost of motivation with each step that prompts you to get to the next one even sooner.

Know why you’re learning Self-directed learning with your own aims in mind is much better than simply learning at the direction of someone else. Don’t look for someone to teach what you want to know, know what you want, then find the person or resource that can help you learn it.

Build the context Context-based learning involves clarifying a concept, practicing it, getting feedback and investigating how that use went, and using what you’ve learned to repeat on it. Simply put, learn by doing, and understand the fuller context of how and why you apply the skill.

Break the routine If something becomes routine, it becomes unengaging. Don’t practice a new skill or learn it the same way, at the same time, repeatedly. Even making slight changes to your method can give you a fresh new approach that helps you grip it all the sooner. Hopefully, the above tips show that learning a lot more quickly is possible; you just need to switch up how you learn.

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