Starting with small habits can help you achieve big goals

When it comes to achieving big goals in business, it's very easy and normal for us to go all in, give it everything we have, put too much pressure on ourselves and end up achieving nothing. When you've done this more than once, you can find yourself in a bad cycle, and it can end up discouraging you from trying again in the future. However, while it's good to dream big and if you do want to achieve something, significant changes have to be made, but what you really need to do is to start small.

Whether you want to learn about design or teach yourself growth hacking, you need to start with micro habits, which are just small components of a larger habit. Even if you think you can take something massive on all in one go, in reality, to make this goal achievable and sustainable, you need to break it into smaller and more achievable goals.

A micro habit is really significantly small that you might not think it's worth doing. For example, if you think of it in terms of exercise and say you have to go for a walk for five minutes a day, you'll think there's no point in doing it. But the point is, at first it's not about going for a walk, it's about doing it every day and getting into the habit. Once you can do this with minimal effort every day, it will become second nature, and then you can increase it.

You shouldn't try and increase it too fast or by too much either, but once you have stuck with

your original micro habit long enough so that you feel bored and for at least two weeks in a row, then you can increase it but only by about 10% and this way you will see long-lasting results.




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