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  • Pedro Pinto

Why identifying your target audience matters

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Entrepreneurs often wonder what they have to do to grow their business or find more clients. In effect, it all starts with identifying your target audience. This is absolutely critical and can’t be neglected. Why is it so essential? 

A target audience helps with branding

Without a clearly defined target audience, you can’t brand your business. Why? Because you don’t know who you’re appealing too. This then creates a knock on effect. 

Marketing strategies depend on target audiences

That’s right, no target audience means you can’t put together an effective marketing strategy. All of your material will be aimed at a jumble of people who might not even be interested in your business. With a target audience, you know everything about your target market and can develop marketing campaigns that poke them in all the right places. 

Helps with growth hacking

Want to grow your business? You can’t do this without identifying your target audience. This helps you target the right people, drawing in more customers to your business, growing your customer base and improving your income. 

Establishes relationships with customers

By knowing your target audience, you know everything about them. You understand all of their interests, which lets you communicate with them in certain ways. As such, it’s easier to establish relationships with customers when you know a lot about them and what they like. From here, you can improve customer loyalty, which boosts your retention rates and further enhances your company. 

Identifying your target audience is fundamental if you want to see some significant growth in your business. Not to mention the fact that you will save money by investing in marketing and branding that has a better chance of working by targeting the right people!


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