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  • Pedro Pinto

A Guide to Email Marketing

Similar to the importance of limited marketing mistakes, ensuring the implementation of marketing best practices is just as important. The same goes for email marketing campaigns.

For those who believe email is dead, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and is arguably the largest mistake a marketing professional could make!

Not only is email a leading platform in communication distribution but it also happens to be a primary driver for increasing ROI and conversion rates, returning those who execute it effectively up to a 4400% return; yes, that’s earnings of $44 for every $1 spent!

To illustrate its effectiveness further, the global email market is valued at $8 billion, forecasted to double in the next 3-5 years…

With that said, in what follows, we’ll define what email marketing is, why it’s so invaluably important, and what best practices are most noteworthy when seeking to optimize your return on investment.

Email Marketing & Its Importance

As an integral component of any effective digital marketing strategy, an email marketing strategy plays an integral role in its execution as illustrated briefly in the preface of this article.

Using an emailing platform as a primary means of communication and promotion is arguably one of, if not the most efficient means of targeting audiences, acquiring qualified leads, and converting them into paying consumers.

If the statistics previously shared aren’t enough to convince you of its importance, below are a few key factors to consider in further detail…

Reaches Target Audiences

In an authentic and personable manner, email allows advertisers alike to reach target audiences at scale. No need to concern yourself with SEO, bounce rates, or algorithmic roadblocks. With email, all you need to concern yourself with is building lasting relationships via added value and the like.

Remains Widely Used

Contrary to popular belief, email remains to be a widely used platform, both for leisurely communication and consumption alike. With 50% of the globe’s population using it to this day, and 99% of its users checking their inbox at least once daily, why wouldn’t you want to capture a piece of the pie?! That’s nearly 4 billion active users!

Automated & Efficient

While many digital marketing efforts can now be semi-automated, email is included in that benefit. Allowing for streamlined, time-saving efforts on top of its ability to customize and personalize mass campaigns, email automation is an extremely advantageous, cost-saving digital marketing effort.

Email Marketing Strategy Best Practices

More than typing up to copy and clicking the send button, email marketing is a comprehensive marketing strategy requiring time and strategic thinking in order to capitalize on its convertible benefits.

Without a winning strategy backed by research & due diligence, your email marketing efforts are only going to be lost amidst the noise of a crowded inbox…

With that said, before you click send, begin by determining your target audience, identifying your goals, and establishing a strategy. To help you along with this process, below are several key email marketing best practices:

Build a relevant email list

Requiring creativity, patience, and marketing know-how, building a relevant list is achieved through various marketing tactics, including pop-up prompts, subscription bars, social adverting efforts, and other organic strategies.

The size and quality of your email list will ultimately be determined by the success of your email marketing strategy at large.

Segment your email list

Once a sizeable email list has been established, it’s now your opportunity to launch an email marketing campaign. But how?…

Before you click the send button that blasts a singular email to the masses, it’s important to segment your list via A/B testing tactics. This will segregate your list by behaviours, interests, locality, and even buying stages so that the most personalized email is sent to the most appropriate audiences.

Create a captivating subject line

Once the email list has been segmented, it’s now time to optimize for personalization. The first step? Subject line personalization… considered the front lines of your email operation, the subject line is what ultimately draws attention and encourages action.

Creating a subject line that’s both captivating and attention-grabbing is the key here…

Write compelling email copy

Similar to writing a captivating subject line, it’s equally important to write a compelling body. While there are several ways in which you can accomplish this, storytelling is a great place to start.

Effective copywriting, both for email and otherwise, including personalization, and engaging content, and you can't forget a call to action.

Optimize for mobile

While most fail to consider this as an important function of email marketing, mobile optimization is imperative when it comes to email marketing strategies. In fact, over 50% of users access their inbox via their mobile devices!

Optimizing for mobile requires a level of technical skill that may need to be outsourced. However, a few components to consider include mobile templates, button integrations, load speed, and pixel size.

Implement email marketing automation

Now that you’ve devised a sizeable list, you’ve segmented it accordingly, and you’ve optimized its contents, it’s now time to launch your campaign! First, however, you might want to automate the process…

Not only will automating the process save you time and money but it will also streamline the process. Luckily there are several automation tools and platforms, particularly for email marketing efforts, that you can employ immediately!

Good luck!


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