How to get people to take part in virtual meetings

In this day and age, it is difficult to get everyone into one place to participate in a meeting.

However, that is no longer an issue, as with the advance of technology, there is always the

opportunity to take part in virtual meetings. But how do you get everyone to take part in it? Here are some methods:

A carefully planned agenda

You need to ensure that everyone is engaged in the meeting. So it may be an idea to hand out some highlights before the meeting. Request feedback from everyone too. If people know that they are going to have to participate in some or all of the items on the agenda, then they are more likely to stay focussed and be ready to talk.

Invite the right people

Everyone in the meeting needs to have a particular stake in the events. It is good to have a mix of people from the business area backgrounds, where knowledge is not universal. Therefore a specialist in one area should be given a platform to talk.

Develop rules

You, as the leader, need to take the lead. You need to make sure that everyone has an

opportunity to talk and that people are not all talking at the same time. So perhaps you ask

someone to speak at any time.

Treat it as a dialogue

Talk to the other member, not at them. Ask questions and spark debate. You as the leader,

have to make sure that everyone has contributed. You should try and be aware of who has not spoken. Perhaps you can direct questions at each individual, depending on their area of





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