Launching a product or feature to maximise growth

The launch of a product or feature is an integral part of its overall success, but it isn’t always well-executed. In a bid to gain users and secure growth, many businesses aim to publicise a new product or feature as quickly as possible. 

Rolling out a new feature to your existing user base, and making it public soon after, is one of the most common ways of delivering new elements. Similarly, securing mass PR, sending numerous launch emails, and providing generic feature info are all standard launch methodologies. 

While this could seem like a successful way to launch a product, it won’t necessarily ensure future growth. You could actually end up disappointing your customers and alienating your target market, wasting time and money in the process. 

Limiting access to a new product or feature could be an effective way of managing a launch and growth hacking for the future. By retaining tight control over when and how your feature launches, as well as who it launches to, you can command the dialogue. 

Businesses like Revolut, Huddle and Box are all adopting the waitlist approach to launch new products and services, and this could facilitate exponential growth. By segmenting your users and delivering user-specific launch materials, you can meet the users’ expectations and exceed them. 

Successfully marketing a new product or feature should never just focus on the launch itself. By taking a long-term approach, you can ensure business growth flows from the launch and propels your business forward. 




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