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  • Pedro Pinto

The Best Techniques to Boost Conversions

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

When you are running a website, you want it to be for a good reason - converting visitors to customers, for example. Your business website has to be sleek and easy to read for people to want to seek out more from it. If you haven't heard of it before, there is a term known as ‘analysis paralysis’ and it’s where there are far too many choices that can inhibit and affect someone’s ability to make a choice. If your website is messy, for example, visitors become overwhelmed and they’ll leave your website rather than converting.

As part of your business marketing strategy, you should remove as many barriers to conversion as possible. You need to know what your conversation rate is currently, and you have to analyze all of the reasons that visitors are leaving your site in the first place. No matter what the reason is, you can bet that you can improve your conversion rate over time. Your business needs growth, and that all starts with your marketing strategy. Here are some of the best techniques that you need to boost conversions and appreciate that growth!

Start with a CRO Planner

A conversion rate optimization planner is not the daunting task that it looks like at first glance. You can use one to develop your growth and marketing strategy and work on your plan to increase your conversion rate. With the right CRO planner, you can work out how to audit the site, work on the funnel and understand your users - crucial to encourage your visitors to convert. These planners are invaluable for your marketing team as they can take you through the conversion process from start to finish without stopping.

Stop using long forms!

If your customers need to fill out more than three to five fields on forms on your website, this causes some friction through the process. Long forms are tedious; people want access to information far faster than filling out long and boring surveys. You want to stop your visitors from hesitating and the best way to do that is to use short forms. This creates trust and it shows your audience you don't want to waste their time.

Show off a little

One of the best ways to get your audience to convert on your website is with social proof. They don't want the business (that’s you!) to tell them how great they are. Every business does it because every business believes that they’re the best thing ever. They want the customer (their peer!) to tell them how awesome you are. That means you need to share opinions, links to social media sites where your reviews have been left, and testimonials, must all be listed. 92% of customers will hesitate in their purchasing decisions if there are no customer reviews. As a group, we humans like to rely on the opinions of others rather than the opinions of the business themselves as the business has a financial gain - the other customers don't!

Get tracking

Analytics is one of the most important tools in your toolbelt when it comes to boosting conversions. You need to know where to focus your marketing efforts. There’s no use in you spending thousands to market on YouTube or paying for prime time spots on TV if you aren't getting the growth you want to see from it. Tracking your analytics, from the location of your customers to the specific keywords that they’re looking for, is going to be a great way to anticipate and watch your growth happen.

Be available

Did you know that if you have an agent available to talk to your customers 24/7, you’re more likely to convert people? Live chat is one of the best things that you can give to your customers if you want them to stick around and learn more from you. You need to avoid losing customers, especially when it comes to abandoned shopping carts. Not everyone can shop online during business hours, and not everyone can get onto the websites that they want to get onto during business hours, either. Having someone available on a live chat stream is one of the best ways that you can show you’re available to your customers.


One of the best things that a business can do to encourage people to become customers is to show their value and communicate that positively to their customers. You need to know who your audience is and you need to know what your buyer persona is, too. This means that you have to write your copy especially for your target audience. Addressing their goals, pain points and their particular motivations is just good business. You can then discuss any potential benefits to your customers with ease.

Make it pretty

Looks matter when it comes to your websites. No one wants to trawl through a website that’s been oversaturated with information anymore than they want to face a website with no information on it. You want people to see that your content is well structured, easy to digest and simple to look at. This will encourage them to seek the information that they need without moving away from your website.

Don't forget your CTAs

If you want to make sure that your business appreciates growth you should consider the call-to-action options that you have on each of your landing pages. They should all be clear, easy to read and capture the attention of the ready. CTAs help your reader to see something clear and accessible that tells them the next step to take to getting what they need from your business.

The most basic tip you need for growth on your website is to make sure that your site is offering what your customers want - which means you have to ask your customers that question. Get some help today to ensure that your marketing strategy is focused on website growth, and you’ll be on your way to boosting your conversions with the best help around!


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