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  • Pedro Pinto

The Top 4 LinkedIn Best Practices

In today’s online competitive digital ecosystem, growing a business or brand involves relying heavily on lead generation. One of the most effective ways to generate leads is via social media…

Whether you’re a B2B corporation, B2C brand, entrepreneur, or marketing professional, LinkedIn, in particular, is without a doubt the most authoritative professional networking platform available.

With nearly 1 billion users (810 million to be exact) as of 2022, you’d be making a mistake by NOT employing such a platform for your benefit.

For those struggling to capture new leads and grow their clientele, this article is for you. In what follows, we’ll be detailing the importance of LinkedIn as a professional social networking platform and how YOU as a business or brand can find new leads and employ its best practices to succeed in today’s digital world.

Why LinkedIn Is So Valuable

As mentioned in the preface of the article, LinkedIn boasts nearly 1 billion users as of earlier this year; that’s a lot of eyes! In comparison to other big media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn also happens to be that much more effective at generating leads than its counterparts; 277% more effective, in fact.

For these reasons and more, LinkedIn is a powerhouse for those seeking to grow their network, and thus, their clientele. You might be wondering, however, WHY LinkedIn is so much more authoritative of a platform than its counterparts. In other words, what sets it apart from the rest?!

While other social media platforms prioritize content sharing as their primary intent, LinkedIn prioritizes relationship-building via professional communication, whilst still providing a hub for valued content sharing amongst like-minded individuals.

In short, LinkedIn is the only social media platform that provides untapped access to a given target market of professionals and desirable clients, dramatically setting it apart from the rest with respect to lead generation and sales efforts.

For those looking for a tool to accomplish just that, LinkedIn is for you…

LinkedIn Best Practices

Depending on your intentions, business goals, and online objectives, the best practices you deem relevant may differ from other businesses and brands. With that said, there are several that prove universal in the face of growth and overall business success.

Below are four (4) LinkedIn best practices for growing your following, generating leads, and boosting brand awareness and identity…

Curate a Professional Profile That You’re Proud Of

As discussed at the beginning, today’s online ecosystem is the new business arena; it’s where all the activity now takes place.

With that said, just as you wouldn’t have shown up to a professional networking event 10 years ago in a pair of sweatpants, nor shouldn’t you slap together a poorly curated profile. In short, your professional profile is your storefront, or your suit and tie, if you will…

So, before setting out to find suitable clients or build brand awareness, begin by ensuring that your profile is professional in its appearance, tagline, logos, and profile pictures included.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Call to Action

While adding a call to action is part of curating a professional and optimized business profile, it’s often misused or underutilized altogether.

With that said, not only should you ensure the implementation of a call to action but you must ensure that the call to action used aligns with your business goals and objectives, all the while encouraging conversion.

Engage With Your Target Audience

Once you’ve curated an optimized, professional profile that you’re proud to present to the world, it’s now time to start devising a plan on how you’re going to attract and find clients.

First, however, you need a road map of sorts. In other words, before seeking to attract clientele, you need to define your target audience; what skills do they have? What content are they looking to consume? What values do they behold? What type of businesses do they work with the most?

These questions and more will help you clearly define your audience. Once defined, it’s now time to start engaging with them on a regular basis, both through comments, likes, shares, InMails, and the posting of engaging content!

Begin Making Use of Analytics

Monitoring and measuring success on any social media platform is essential for ensuring online growth whilst admitting your failures and adjusting accordingly. The same holds true on LinkedIn.

Not only will you gain an understanding of how your content is resonating with your target audience but you can also garner several other meaningful data and insight as a result.

Tailor your content strategy according to these analytics and you’ll be well on your way to greater success, both online and offline as a business.

A Final Word of Advice

When employing all of the above tips, tactics, and strategies, it’s important to understand that the job is never done…

In other words, if you connect with a lead, that doesn’t mean you’ve yet captured a client. Instead, you need to be relentless (yet respectful) with communication, intentional with valuable content sharing, and diligent with follow-ups.

Contrary to popular belief, cold emails (in this case, cold LinkedIn messages) aren’t yet dead! In today’s competitive arena, it’s important to employ all that you can in order to build a clientele you’re proud of. Be patient and before you know it, you’re LinkedIn profile will be a hub for client generation.

Good luck!


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