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The Role of User Onboarding in Driving Product Adoption and Growth

The primary objective of any user onboarding experience worth its weight is to help the user embrace the main tenets of value involved with using your product or service. After all, you want your business’ products at the forefront of their minds whenever they need something that your products can handle. There is a lot of buzz surrounding the intentions and purposes behind what a user’s role is in driving your product toward successful adoption among the masses and growth as a company.

If you are ready to learn more about the role of user onboarding and how it can increase your company’s successful growth, continue reading.

What is User Onboarding?

In order to understand how to utilize user onboarding to drive effective product adoption and growth, you must first understand what it is. Let’s start with the core of user onboarding: It is to inaugurate and essentially ingratiate your product into the user’s minds and every day habitual actions by teaching them how to use your products with increasing expertise and efficiency.

You want these users to become so enamoured with your product that they rely on it for any need or function that it is designed to help with. Routine reliance and usage by your program’s adopters is perhaps the best form of marketing available.

What are the Goals of Effective User Onboarding?

You and your company have carefully crafted a product to make user’s lives better as they complete their roles at work. That is the end goal of the product itself. But what are the overall goals of effective user onboarding?

The following points will help you understand why user onboarding is important for your business:

  • The main goal in any business leader’s mind is customer loyalty, which leads to greater user retention both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

  • Effective user onboarding is also a measure of how well your product is working as intended. Should difficulties arise during the onboarding process, it is an opportunity for your team to assess whether the product can use some enhancements or adjustments. Or, the instructions and teaching methodology may need some alterations to ensure better understanding.

  • As your users become more acclimated to the programs they use and are well-trained in how to use them, they are less likely to consult product support chatbots and personnel. In turn, this drives down the potential costs of product support over time.

  • User engagement is a key result of successful user onboarding. When users have a clear understanding of what a program or product can do for them, they are more likely to continue going to that specific program for better work productivity and results.

  • Finally, when users are effectively onboarded to your programs and are using them with confidence and ease, it is perhaps one of the greatest marketing tools available, as that functionality sets your product apart from your competitors. You can garner this information and use it in social media marketing campaigns that will, in turn, attract the attention of more companies and users.

What are the Benefits of Effective User Onboarding?

When your clients have received proper training from your team and fully understand the capabilities of your products and services, the benefits are many and long-lived.

  • By training your users in product use fluency, they become brand ambassadors. Consider this: When you like something on a personal level, you tend to sing its praises to anyone who will listen. You extoll the product’s virtues regarding its ease of use, product design, and anything else that excites you. Now relate this to your product.

When a user understands how the product will benefit them personally, as well as professionally, and can envision the impact it will have, they tend to recommend it more and more to others who are operating in the same sphere.

  • One major benefit of successful user onboarding comes from early adopters of your product or service. If you question the validity of that statement, simply take a look at anyone who uses either an Apple product or an HP product. On a different avenue, there are digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Nest system.

Once a user begins to use one brand’s unique, specific, and proprietary products that are offered in the vacuum of that particular brand, it can be difficult to change. But it really isn’t difficult to change at all. Ask yourself what is the actual deterrent to change. The reason most early adopters of technology, programs, and products stay within one brand family is that it is easy to stay there and not put any extra effort towards trying something new.

With that in mind, if you put out a solid product and effectively onboard your users, they are likely to stay - not only because you are offering a product that is making their work life better but because it is simply easier than starting anew on a different program.

  • Your company can use these effective user onboarding strategies to create a unique social media and content marketing campaign. Use it to target current users with technical writing guides in addition to those who may be interested in testing the programs. Create content in the form of videos, clips, and tutorials that reach anyone who can benefit from what you have to offer.

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