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  • Pedro Pinto

9 key Facebook statistics you need to know in 2023

Mobile showing Facebook
Facebook statistics

Still the most widely used social media platform in the world, Facebook plays a huge role in networking, online communication, and, for brands of all sizes, advertising and marketing. As such, it’s important to keep an eye on Facebook and to understand the potential value it can offer you. To that end, here are some of the key statistics worth knowing.

1. Nearly 3 billion people use Facebook each month

Since it started with 1 million people in its first 3 years after launching in 2003, Facebook has seen a growth rate of roughly 1.3% every year. Now, there are 2.93 million active users every month, spanning across practically every demographic.

2. Facebook accounts for 59% of all social media reach

If you’re wondering where Facebook should fit in your social media outreach plans, it’s important to note that 59% of all social media users are active on the platform.

3. It’s the third most visited website

In terms of sheer traffic, there are only two websites that beat Facebook in number of visitors: Google and YouTube. This means Facebook still gets more visitors than Twitter and Instagram.

4. 66% of the UK population uses Facebook

In the UK alone, 44.84 million people are active Facebook users. Meanwhile, 239 million in the US use it, which is 71.43% of the entire population.

5. 70% of internet users use at least one Meta platform

There’s a lot of cross-pollination between the different Meta platforms, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Being active on Facebook can result in your brand spreading out to these platforms, as well.

6. Facebook Ad revenues are expected to hit $153 billion this year

While Facebook might not be as dominant a platform as it once was, it’s ramping up as an advertisement space, with a 13.1% increase in ad revenue expected from last year. As such, it’s proving to many to be a highly worthwhile platform to advertise on.

7. The average American spends about 33 minutes on the platform each day

Although times may vary by country, stats on American usage show that people spend roughly 33 minutes on the site each day, more than indicated for Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, meaning that social media users tend to still be more engaged on Facebook than others.

8. 400 users sign up every minute

In case you were thinking that Facebook’s ascendency might have stopped, the constant sign-ins from new users might prove otherwise. In the same minute that 400 users join up, 4 million posts are liked.

9. Facebook makes up 71.64% of all social media traffic referrals

Most of the clicks through to websites from social media come from Facebook. Twitter, which is in second place, only makes up 9.02% of all referrals. For those looking to drive clicks first and foremost, Facebook still seems to be the place to be..

With the stats above, hopefully, you have a clear idea of just how popular and vital Facebook is for any online strategy.


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