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  • Pedro Pinto

9 key Pinterest Statistics You Need To Know In 2023

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Pinterest Statistics

As we navigate Pinterest-world, having some number-based torchlights to guide our path can only help us. So let's take a look at 9 key Pinterest statistics you need to know this year.

1. User Base Growth - An Incredible Phenomenon

Brace yourselves for an unbelievable rise! Pinterest's user base has seen explosive growth over the past five years - to the tune of 463 Million active monthly pinners as of 2023 alone! That's an extraordinary increase from 7.5% last year alone - incredible stuff indeed. Seems like all eyes are turning toward Pinterest these days!

2. Demographic Distribution on Pinterest

Don't fall for the assumption that Pinterest is exclusively used by artsy grandmas and budding home chefs - its demographic distribution is as diverse as the pins you'll find! In 2023, 76.2% of Pinterest users were female while aged 25-34 made up 28.5% of its global audiance - showing millennial women are queens of Pinland! 12.2% are men too - showing that digital vision boards have crossed gender divides as much as its not limited to American users - over 80% of its user base exists globally so whether in Peoria or Paris you are in good company on PINKS!

2. Most Pinned Categories

Want to know where all the pinning action happens most frequently? Well look no further! We're exploring our most-pinned categories here and the winner is.... Home Decor! Home decor pins dominate Pinterest, from bohemian bedroom aesthetics to minimalist kitchen designs. DIY and Crafts come close behind, though. As it stands, DIY enthusiasts around the globe are taking great strides to craft homemade soap and arm-knit blankets from scratch. Food & Drinks come in third place on Pinterest's list, which reveals itself to be an invaluable source of 'Bake Off" ideas or cocktail creation. And finally, Women's Fashion takes fourth place on Pinterest's list. No matter if it be sustainable summer outfits or cozy winter ensembles that you seek, Pinterest provides your digital runway. And these four categories represent some of the hottest-trending topics within its realm.

4. Average Time Spent

Imagine this: you just walked into your favorite cafe and are waiting for a classic latte. How long does that usually take? 14 minutes. Well, that is approximately how long the average Pinner spends every day browsing Pinterest! While your barista brews your coffee, Pinterest users are getting their daily dose of inspiration, one pin at a time. And each session usually lasts only 5 minutes! Within five minutes, that's enough time to discover an exciting Interior Design trend, plan a delectable meal or find the ideal DIY project on Pinterest. This speed and engagement is thanks to its user-friendly design and the captivating content hosted there - so next time you find yourself waiting in line for coffee why not explore Pinterest as you may discover something unexpectedly inspirational?

5. Shopping Behavior and Purchases

Move over, traditional advertising - there's a new power player in town: Pinterest is here! 85% of weekly Pinners admitting they made purchases based on pins from brands they saw, making Pinterest an unparalleled shopping platform. Yes, that is correct; nearly nine out of ten Pinners have seen something on their feed and thought to themselves "I need this now!" Take a moment and think about that for a second - each time someone scrolls through their feed brands have the opportunity to convert casual browsers into buyers. Pinterest is not only an amazing source for beautiful pictures or innovative ideas; it can also be an invaluable asset to businesses hoping to increase revenue directly through this social platform. So if your brand wants to make an impressionful statement about itself, don't overlook giving this platform some love - after all, customers live there!

6. Advertising Reach

Advertising on Pinterest can reach an astonishing audience, including more than 250 million people around the world! By advertising, brands have the chance to tap into an incredible global community. Every pin you post is like buying lottery tickets towards digital engagement - think of the potential this could unlock for your company! Pinterest users don't just passively scroll and pin; they actively search for brands, ideas and products that relate to their interests. That means when you advertise on Pinterest you aren't just shooting ads into thin air; rather you are reaching an engaged and responsive audience ready to interact with your brand. Don't underestimate the power of one pin as just one can penetrate this vast platform!

7. Mobile User Statistics

Get ready for some amazing stats about Pinterest users' mobile usage: 82% are using it from mobile devices! That means over four-fifths of its population use their smartphones to pin, shop and browse from them! As such, brands hoping to capture this audience should ensure that their pins are optimized for mobile browsing; being responsive with mobile usage will likely win out over competitors who can't adapt as easily in this digital arena.

8. Geo-Location Insights

In January 2023, the United States had amassed an incredible 84 million Pinterest users - yes, that's right - 84 million! That's roughly equivalent to the entire population of Germany or Turkey, all pining and perusing in red, white, and blue territory. But let's not let stars and stripes take all the limelight! Brazil follows close behind with 28 million users pinning to Pinterest with their distinctive Samba flair. Following suit are Mexico, Germany and France contributing their unique pinner bases; so whether it's homemade guacamole recipes or high fashion pins you need, Pinterest has you covered worldwide - remember, the world's your pinning destination!

9. Video Pin Popularity

A picture may speak volumes; but how about video content on Pinterest? No longer limited to static images alone, Pinterest now gives its users access to moving videos that showcase products or ideas. With 46% of weekly users discovering new brands or products on Pinterest, video pins have taken center stage as one of the primary forms of discovery. Not just any few hundred or thousand views here and there; we're talking billions. Everyday on Pinterest. Yes, that is correct - every day Pinterest receives over one billion video views - the equivalent to every person in India watching at least one video every day on Pinterest! So if your brand wants to gain popularity quickly on this social platform, start rolling those cameras. In the world of Pinterest, pressing 'play' can become your new 'pin it' button!

Pinterest in 2023 presents us with a stunning snapshot. As we pin, let us remember these figures are not simply numbers but rather an indicator of our collective creativity and consumer behaviors - let us all work to ensure a brighter and more inspired 2023 by keeping these stats in mind as we pin away!


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