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How To Leverage Social Media For Explosive Business Growth

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Social Media

Over the past couple of decades, digital marketing has been pivotal in growing any business significantly. In recent times, however, never in social media has become almost mandatory for anyone with ambitions of explosive growth. Social media has billions of users engaging every single day, so any business or budding entrepreneur should take full advantage of this.

By simply connecting and engaging, a business can convert potential customers. It's not as cut and dry as many may seem, though, as it requires a strategic approach in order to get exactly what you desire. This blog will explore actionable tips that can help any business looking to make a real impact using social media.

Define Both Your Target Audience And What You’re Looking To Achieve

So many different aspects need to be planned out before you even think about committing to a social media project. You have to define goals for your business and understand what you actually want. The business could be in this for overall brand awareness or boosting sales - you must choose your priority.

Just as important, however, is understanding your audience properly. Research will be necessary in order to identify interests and preferences - as well as the overall demographic of certain platforms. For instance, according to The Social Shepherd, 25% of users are between the ages of 10-19.

22.4% are users in their 20s.

21% are in their 30s.

20% are in their 40s.

This kind of knowledge can be extremely useful when chasing the perfect viewer, visitor, and customer.

Choose The Perfect Platforms For Your Business

There are a multitude of social media platforms available to you. Using the kind of research displayed in the previous point, it's the perfect one(s). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are very popular options and are what most businesses will look at. It's up to you to ensure that you allocate your resources properly and capture the attention of the right audience.

Create Content That People Will Care About

Don't fall into the trap of being half-hearted with your content. Compelling content that people care about is what really matters - not filler. Boring topics with boring paragraphs will get you nowhere. Incorporate the likes of videos, images, and infographics to really hit home. As Hubspot has previously eluded to, posts and articles with images receive 94% more views than those without. That is a gigantic difference. Don’t ignore this side of things.

Be Interactive And Engage With People

Social media is, of course, about being social. Interacting and engaging with your audience means that you'll have more of a relationship. Be sure to respond to comments and mentions. Host live Q&As and create polls. This kind of dedication means you're open to feedback and always ready to build trust.

Stay Consistent With Most Things You Do

Like with any kind of project or business, consistency is more than key. If you do not love what you are doing, why should anyone else? Consistent posts mean that you'll be within the eye-line of everybody you are trying to impress. People won't forget about you all that quickly if you are constantly there as a reminder. There is, however, a difference between too many posts and too few - find the right medium.

You must also ensure that you are posting at the perfect times. The image below points towards the best times to post on TikTok and what we'll get you the best possible results. Again, this kind of research and analytics can skyrocket your progress.

Table of best times to post
The most opportune times to post on TikTok, according to HootSuite

Leverage Influences To Really Sell It

Influencer marketing has been around for a while now and it won't be going away - simply because it's a very popular method of getting people on board. If your business is able to gather well-known and popular individuals in this instance, you could be in a fantastic position.

Large companies will spend a fortune on A-listers, but that doesn't mean you can't use less powerful people. Some will have just as much pull or influence as the biggest stars. The Influencer Marketing Hub has stated that 37% of Brands spend less than $10,000 on this particular method.

There is plenty of potential still in 2023 regarding influencer marketing.

Analyze Your Results And Gauge Your Performance

The majority of analytical tools regarding social media are free. Right now, you are able to track all kinds of metrics in order to refine your strategies. Analyzing regularly will mean that you'll be able to optimize whatever you are looking to achieve.

Consider Paid Advertising To Narrow Down Your Targets

An organic reach is desirable and it's what everyone looks for. That doesn't mean it's what most businesses will use 100% of the time. Incorporating paid advertisements into your social media will help to amplify your growth.

Many platforms offer great advertising tools that helped target specific demographics and interests. Setting objectives for your ad campaigns is pretty simple and generating leads typically doesn't take long with this technique.

Continuously monitoring the performance of your ads means you'll be able to tailor things perfectly over time. You'll be able to incorporate more creative ideas to maximize your ROI.

Incorporate Payment Processing That Is Seamless

Selling products and services through social media means you'll need a seamless payment process. A frictionless purchasing experience is what customers want as they will not want any hitches. Choose the right trusted payment partner in order to ensure that everything goes swimmingly for everybody involved. A user-friendly system will only ensure that your customers and clients stick with you.


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